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Hello!  I’m Paul …

If you are looking to make a change in your life, if you need help navigating a life transition, if you want to improve your leadership skills, you’ll be happy you found my website. I have the experience and skills to get you where you want to go, even if you’re not sure exactly where that is yet. Take a look … explore … and reach out.

What do I know about life transitions? Fair question. I’ve got both professional and personal answers. Mid-career, I left a reliable job to attend graduate school and take on an uncertain future. And when I was far along in my second career, I shifted gears again to pursue various certifications in coaching and human resources . Personally, I’ve upended my life several times to relocate and, amidst all that, helped my loving parents with the ultimate transition as they departed out of this world.

Through these and other of life’s transitions, I’ve learned that change is certain to find you, whether you’re looking for it or not. You just need the tools and skills to help you manage its uncertainties and ambiguities.

I’ve followed my passions, as well. I left the larger cities of New England to adopt the rural beauty of Vermont as my home. I took up beekeeping (yes, the bees DO sting, and they also create a TON of honey, a lesson I take to heart!). I’ve created artwork through photography and I love traveling the world to places on my bucket list. Oh, yeah, and I also love the colors and joys of the circus.

Why North Trail? Well, here in Vermont, I am inspired by nature every day. The walks I’ve taken along the West River and up the steep hillsides around the serene Lake Willoughby remind me that we all follow a path in this life. And we’re stronger when we walk it together. 

I hope you will get in touch so we can discuss how I can help you live your best life.